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Dec 23, 2012 6:00pm PST
his office with president obama and former president clinton. he wanted nothing to do with our camera. we trying to track down those who owe the state. mccoy is also a former san francisco ethics commissioner, once tasked with keeping politicians honest now he's facing his own ethical tax dilemma. is it fair that folks like you don't pay your fair share? >> i pay my fair share. i pay all of my taxes as i can. so, that's all i got to say. >> reporter: the san francisco attorney told us in a letter today that he is working with the franchise tax board to pay his bill. mccoy is just one in a long list of californians on the hook for back taxes. we reviewed the top 500 deadbeats and found respected professionals including other lawyers, doctors, realtor and nurses. hollywood celebrities clueing dionne warwick and steven. we couldn't find him but here on main street in hayward -- we confronted another tax evadetor. >> you and your husband owes the state. >> reporter: the franchise tax board also says the couple living in this 2.5-acre in clayton is way behind on his taxes. >> [dog b
Dec 23, 2012 5:30pm PST
danny glover and reverend jeremiah wright, formerly of the president obama's church. >> those who live with that reality daily and in light of what is happening in newtown, connecticut, don't you give up, because it's time for you to act refrigerate church leaders believe they can start within their own communities. >> those in power, let's talk to the power about what we can do come together to change this before we kill each other. >> reporter: a group of san francisco faith leaders actually met with the mayor this week to discuss what they can be doing to address the issue of gun violence and they hope to have more similar meetings in the months to come. >>> well, in the past two hours i just stepped out and it was pouring rain outside our studio in oakland. it's been getting a lot of rain across the bay area. mark tamayo joins us with a look at the totals and one area that really got a drenching. >> the coastal hills the numbers continue to pick up and add up. you might be surprised by the numbers that i'm about to show you. the rf started this morning and really intensifying by mi
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2